Tour to the World’s Weirdest Foods

Have you ever tried having food that most of the world dreads eating? Well, you might have heard about the famous proverb, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ The list of the weirdest food across the globe can be endless. From fried worms, cooked termites, frog’s legs to cow’s tongue, the list can only get longer and longer. This article will provide you with a glimpse of some of the world’s weirdest food which some of you can try them as a challenge.

1- Balut Eggs – This is a type of dish using fertilized chicken or duck egg with half developed embryo.
2- Fugu fish – Fugu Fish is considered to be one of the world’s deadliest sea creatures.
3- Casu Marzu Maggot Cheese – This is a type of cheese found in Italy. The cheese is rotten and filled with live insect larvae.
4- Stuffed Camel – An entire camel is stuffed with a whole lamb. The lamb on the other hand is stuffed with chickens. Altogether 20 chickens are stuffed in the lamb and the camel. These chickens are further stuffed with rice and eggs. Everyone knows the size of a camel. So you can imagine the size of this entire menu.

Check out for the  10 weirdest foods in the world and for other best weirdest foods here. Are you inspired to take a trip to these places to sample weird food for yourself? Equip yourself with a strong stomach.

The Dark Side of Processed Food

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Crazy Food Combinations

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Crazy African Dishes

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Yuck! Even Snake Blood

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Uncommon Animals

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Uncommon Beasts

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Weird People

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